Documents and Forms for Current Students


Please speak with one of our Financial Aid counselors, Mario Villa or Shirley Cannon, to determine whether you will need to complete one of the forms below.

Loan Deferment/Certification Form

Physical Disability Form

Child Care Expenses Form

Laptop Form

Special Circumstances Request Form


The maxim “Live like a student now or you will live like a student later” is a good one to remember. Students should create budgets to estimate your living expenses. To reduce spending, consider sharing housing costs with a roommate rather than living alone while in law school and watch what you spend on food and entertainment. These expenses often can be budget busters. Bring your lunch rather than buying one on campus each day. While law school may be an excellent long-term investment, you will have to repay what you borrow (with interest), so borrow wisely. Below are some resources developed by Office of Financial Aid to help you set your budget.

Preparing Finances

Anticipating Expenses

Calculating Expenses