Course Information

Course Description: Semester in Practice Internship

  • Taught by Eden Harrington
  • 10 credits (pass/fail) – offered Fall, Spring
  • This program is open to students who have completed their first two semesters.
  • Students must intern in person at their placement; only incidental remote work is permitted.
  • Students must register for Law 897P and Law 297P.

Louis Bedford with Sabrina West of Kirkland & Ellis after an Election Protection training ahead of the Illinois Primary

Internship placements must be located outside the Austin area. Placement supervisors are experienced attorneys who expose students to the legal activities of their offices, oversee varied and demanding assignments, and provide regular feedback on student performance.  Each student consults with the instructor to arrange his or her field placement, and each placement must be approved by the instructor prior to registration.  All placements must be in person, remote placements will not be approved.

Students are required to intern for at least 500 hours and may not receive a salary for their internship work (although they may receive a modest stipend to offset unusual living or travel expenses).  Students are expected to do significant research and writing at their placements, complete written assignments for the course,  and maintain close contact with the instructor during the internship.

Interested students should email the instructor (Eden Harrington, to arrange a time to discuss the course.