J.C.P. 2000, IV, 1439 Case M. Tegos
19 November 1999
Translated by:
Tony Weir
Professor Sir B. S. Markesinis

J.C.P. 2000, IV, 1439
Case M. Tegos

19 November 1999

M. Tegos seeks to question a decision dated 12 September by the Adjunct Director of the Institut français of Athens, a school falling under the aegis of the Minister for Foreign Affairs, that the contract of 29 September appointing him to a supplementary professorship for the academic year 1995-96 would not be renewed;

Given that French administrative judges are not competent to resolve a dispute over the performance of a contract which has no connection with French law;

Given that it emerges from the dossier that when M. Tegos was recruited by the Institut français in Athens it was the common intention of the parties that the contract of employment be subject to the labour law of Greece, article 9 of the contract indeed actually providing that “In the event of a dispute concerning the interpretation or the application of this contract, the parties are agreed that after efforts at mediation the matter be remitted to the courts of Athens which alone are to have jurisdiction in the matter”;

Given that it follows that the French administrative courts are not competent to entertain M. Tegos’s request;

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