D. 1896, III, 65 Case Cames
21 June 1895
Translated by:
Tony Weir
Professor B. S. Markesinis

D. 1896, III, 65
Case Cames

21 June 1895

Given that on 8 July 1892 M. Cames, employed as a workman at the Arsenal in Tarbes, was injured in the left hand by a shard of metal projected by a power-hammer, and that in consequence of the accident is now permanently unable to use hisleft hand to earn his living;

Given that it follows from the evidence and is indeed admitted that M. Canes was not at fault in any way, and that the accident was due to neither negligence nor imprudence on his part; that in such circumstances the Minister of War cannot maintain that the state is free from liability; that it would be correct to fix the annual indemnity due to M. Cames at 600 francs, backdated to 12 December 1893, the date on which his daily wages ceased; that as this award is sufficient compensation, his request that the annuity pass on his death to his wife andchildren is rejected;

The state was therefore held liable.

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