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The Law of Occupation: A Modern and Historic Overview (TILJ Annual Symposium)

CCJ 2.306 (Eidman Courtroom)

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With the recent occupation of the southern and eastern parts of Ukraine, many are revisiting the knowledge gained from previous and ongoing occupations to determine how best to respond. As such, this is a dynamic time for the study of the law of occupation.

Our event promises to be the preeminent venue for scholarly examination of and practitioner response to these seismic events and their impacts on occupation law. And these issues are not confined to theoretical international law. The topics explored in our symposium affect all inbound investment, in-country operations, governmental stability, policy predictability, and matters that concern every citizen, investor, business, and relief organization throughout the world. Exploring topics such as the conduct of occupants in Ukraine, the use of armed force in occupied territory, constitution-making under occupation, and more, the event will feature the following authors and speakers:

Alexandre Prezanti, Partner, Global Diligence Anastasiya Donets, Advisor on International Accountability, International Partnership for Human Rights Marco Longobardo, Professor, University of Westminster School of Law Haider Hamoudi, Professor, University of Pittsburgh School of Law Yael Ronen, Professor, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Emanuela-Chiara Gillard, Chief of the Protection of Civilians Section in the Policy Development and Studies Branch of the UN Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs; Senior Research Fellow at Oxford

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Texas International Law Journal Volume 58 Symposium: The Law of Occupation: A Modern & Historic Overview

CCJ 2.306 (Eidman Courtroom)

The Symposium will take place from 10:30 AM until 5 PM. The Symposium is titled "The Law of Occupation: A Modern & Historic Overview" and will feature experts from around the world who will present on this relevant topic from their various points of view.

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