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12:00pm12:45pmEnvironmental Law Society Community Lunch
TNH GEORGES-PATIO (George’s Café Patio)

An informal event for 1Ls and upperclassmen who are interested in environmental law to get to know each other. Food will be provided.

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3:45pm5:45pmLecture - "The Moral Code of the U.S. Constitution"
JON 5.206 (Susman Academic Center, Bryan and Michelle Goolsby Conference Suite (5.206 / 5.207))

Guest Lecture in Constitutional Law II course “Constitutional Amendments in the United States and the World.”

Franciska Coleman

Assistant Professor of Law; Associate Director, East Asian Legal Studies Center

University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Law

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4:00pm5:45pmCynthia Conti-Cook: Rapoport Center Reproductive Justice Colloquium Series
TNH 2.111 (Sheffield-Massey Room)

In this talk, Cynthia Conti-Cook will argue that because digital devices and the corporate archives that support them have given police and other system state actors profound access to the details of our daily lives, people forced into self-managed care for issues related to everything between birth through burial will increasingly need to rely on their digital bodies’ ability to safely traverse digital borders.

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4:30pm6:00pmLS4BL’s Disorientation #2 — The Elephant in the Room: The Federalist Society and Conservative Influence in the Judiciary
TNH 2.137 (Gayle Classroom)

Let’s talk about Fed. Soc. Are they just a student org. hosting debates and serving Chick-fil-A? Or is that just a facade for an anti-democratic takeover of the federal judiciary? Join LS4BL, ACS, and If/When/How for a conversation with Professor Amanda Hollis-Brusky, author of Ideas with Consequences: The Federalist Society and the Conservative Counterrevolution moderated by Rhiannon Hamam —who you might know as a co-host of the podcast 5-4.

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