Lia Davis, Class of '11

Former Student/Alumni

Beyond the great work I got to do in the Clinic, the opportunity to work with Fred Fuchs was truly a life-changing experience.  Fred is an incredible role model for aspiring attorneys.  Not only is he among the most knowledgeable housing attorneys in the country, he is a meticulous and deeply ethical attorney.  Fred does not put up with sloppy lawyering.  He had high expectations of clinic students and these expectations instilled in me a conviction to always produce excellent work.  He encourages students to work independently, but provides careful and helpful feedback.  During my current clerkship, I have often asked myself, “What would Fred Fuchs do?”  It’s a question more attorneys should probably ask themselves.  Law students have a tremendous opportunity to get to work with Fred Fuchs and I encourage all law students to take it.