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    The Housing Clinic provided me one of the rare opportunities in law school to get exposure to the full scope of activities that legal aid attorneys work on. As a student attorney in the clinic, I had the opportunity to work on housing cases with real clients that covered a broad range of issues including […]
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    The Clinic gave me a window into the precarious lives of many tenants and how the law sometimes undermines and sometimes empowers, their efforts to find safe haven.
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    The Housing Clinic is an incredible opportunity to practice law, but more importantly, it is a chance to help people in a meaningful way. I was able to speak to clients directly, draft documents, negotiate on their behalf, and represent them in court. Even though I did not want to practice litigation, the experience of […]
  • ian Petersen
    I highly recommend the Housing Clinic for three reasons. First, the Housing Clinic allows students to practice real-life lawyering skills that are rarely taught in the classroom. For example, rather than requiring formal litigation, the legal challenges presented by many Clinic clients can be resolved through effective communication with the client’s landlord–a crucial ability for […]
  • I so enjoyed the Housing Clinic, and the biggest lesson I learned was that of client advocacy. It wasn’t that I had some specialized knowledge about housing law; I simply gave my client five minutes that no one else would give them.  It just took five minutes to speak to clients and hear their story […]
  • Beyond the great work I got to do in the Clinic, the opportunity to work with Fred Fuchs was truly a life-changing experience.  Fred is an incredible role model for aspiring attorneys.  Not only is he among the most knowledgeable housing attorneys in the country, he is a meticulous and deeply ethical attorney.  Fred does […]