Small Dollar Lending Program

The Clinic has worked with Texas Community Capital for several years, assisting with the organization’s statewide expansion of the Community Loan Center’s Affordable Small Dollar Loans Program. The Small Dollar Loans Program is an innovative, employer-based, lending program that provides individuals with low-interest loans of up to $1,000, repayable over a one-year term, as an alternative to predatory payday loans. Local, nonprofit lenders from across Texas administer the Program, marketing the Program as a voluntary benefit to employers in their geographic area. The Clinic has assisted the local lenders with obtaining their regulated lender licenses from the Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner; prepared the contracts that run between the local lenders and Texas Community Capital; and provides ongoing legal counsel to Texas Community Capital with regard to the implementation and operation of the Program. The CLC Program was featured in a blog by the National Alliance of Community Economic Development Associations in April 2015.

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