Hailey Pulman

The Supreme Court Clinic is one of the most unique and fulfilling experiences Texas Law offers. Not only do you work with some of your brightest peers, but you are led by three brilliant professors who immerse themselves as part of the team, putting in just as much work as you do (if not more). Having the opportunity to work on actual Supreme Court cases, moot professors and professionals preparing for oral arguments, and learn first-hand what it takes to write a top-notch brief was an invaluable experience. Traveling to D.C. and watching oral arguments at the Supreme Court was the cherry on top.

Through the Supreme Court Clinic, I was able to dive deep on interesting, complex legal questions facing the country right now and debate them with some of the smartest people I’ve ever met. It was an absolute joy. As I prepare to go out into the real world, I feel so much more confident about my ability to research a topic, understand it fully, and write about it persuasively because of this clinic. Regardless of whether you want to be an appellate lawyer, I highly recommend the clinic to anyone who wants to be a superb litigator.

Category: Perspectives