Elizabeth Jones

The Criminal Defense Clinic is my best law-school experience. I say that for so many reasons. The experience that you get in the Clinic is unparalleled, especially for someone who wants to pursue public defense as a career. My first semester in the clinic prepared me for a summer in a public defender’s office. I am so glad we had access to the clinic’s resources into the summer because I used them every day. I took lessons and guidance from the Clinic to prepare for trials, bail hearings, and all my client interactions. Apart from being a huge educational experience, I can’t speak highly enough of the clinical faculty and staff. Chris Roberts and Katy Dyer provide support during and beyond the Clinic. And as an advanced student, they both do everything to ensure that you have the best learning opportunities. Of course, the Clinic challenged me as a law student. But you have guidance every step of the way. And you ultimately come out as a much better lawyer—and maybe person—at the end of it.

Category: Perspectives