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  • The Criminal Defense Clinic is my best law-school experience. I say that for so many reasons. The experience that you get in the Clinic is unparalleled, especially for someone who wants to pursue public defense as a career. My first semester in the clinic prepared me for a summer in a public defender’s office. I […]
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    Participating in the Criminal Defense Clinic was the best decision I made as a law student. Not only did it give me the opportunity to improve my trial-related skills, the Clinic took me out of the classroom and allowed me to work closely with my clients. The clinic takes this responsibility seriously; my supervisor and […]
  • When I signed up for the criminal defense clinic for the Spring of my 2L year, I already knew I wanted to be a public defender. But my experience with the clinic confirmed my passion for this work and helped me develop the skills necessary to be a strong advocate for my clients. As a […]
  • The Criminal Defense Clinic was the most interesting, challenging, and meaningful experience that I have had in law school. Being a student attorney is the perfect transition point between law student and practicing attorney. The Clinic gives students an opportunity to take the lead on real cases for real clients, but you do so armed […]
  • My two semesters in the Criminal Defense Clinic were the most educational and inspirational of law school. From day one, the clinic supervisors held students to high expectations. Supervisors were always available to provide guidance and support, but it was clear the clients were ours, the cases our responsibility. As a result, my skills grew […]
  • The Criminal Defense Clinic was the best learning experience I had during my time at UT Law. The amount of client and court contact far exceeded my expectations and gave me incredible practical opportunities such as guiding cases from complaint to final disposition, conducting several pretrial hearings as the lead attorney, drafting and filing substantive […]
  • Because of my training, experience, and education with the Criminal Defense Clinic, I feel ready and eager to begin my work as a public defender. Under the guidance of talented supervisors and attorneys, I learned how to flesh out each and every aspect of a criminal case and work each issue to the fullest. This […]
  • The Criminal Defense Clinic was easily the most valuable experience I had during law school. It was a perfect way to incorporate all of the theoretical skills I had learned in other classes into real world practice in cases where my work actually mattered. The supervisors are very helpful, and the Director, Chris Roberts, ensures […]
  • I can confidently say, without a doubt in my mind, that the Criminal Defense Clinic was the single best thing I did at Texas Law.  The supervisors are top-notch and consistently find a way to reward the students with experience, supplemented by valuable anecdotes from both other students and the supervisors themselves.  I would recommend […]
  • Working as a Student Attorney for the Criminal Defense Clinic was bar none the most rewarding experience of my law school career. My work on real world problems for actual clients instilled in me a love of the law I would otherwise have left law school without. There is simply no way to compare a […]