Course Information

Course Description: Immigration Clinic

The Immigration Clinic meets for class two times per week for an hour and a half. Grading is on a pass/fail basis for this six-credit hour clinic. There is no final exam or paper. Students should expect to spend 10-20 hours per week on Clinic work, including class time and office hours. Students will occasionally travel to the Hutto and Karnes facilities and to San Antonio where the Immigration Court and the offices of the Department of Homeland Security are located.

In addition to participating in the classroom component of the Immigration Clinic, student attorneys in the clinic provide representation to vulnerable low-income immigrants and engage broader immigration policy issues as well. Clinic students learn substantive immigration law and policy, practice and master important lawyering techniques and explore models for effective and collaborative lawyering.

Students are encouraged to apply for the clinic during early registration as enrollment is limited. Students may request to be placed on a waiting list if space is unavailable during registration.

For more information about the Immigration Clinic, contact Denise Gilman at 232-7796, or by e-mail at or contact Elissa Steglich at 232-1387, or by e-mail at