Oil and Gas

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MON, WED 12:00 - 1:21 pm TNH 2.139

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Final exam (administered by Exam4) May 13, 2021


This course will be taught in person but with the option of remote participation via Zoom.  Please note that this course might become online-only in the event that actual in-person attendance during the semester consistently falls below a threshold to be determined in the exercise of reasonable discretion by the instructor and the Student Affairs Office.

The course is focused on domestic onshore oil and gas law, including common property interests created in oil and gas and in the land from which they are produced. The course includes an examination of fundamental state oil and gas law concepts including issues raised by modern horizontal drilling and fracturing; introduction to, and analysis of, the oil and gas lease with attention to its common structural components and the law that has developed around them; introduction to titles and conveyances in oil and gas; introduction to state regulation of oil and gas; discussion of selected oil and gas agreements that arise subsequent to the oil and gas lease; discussion of developing of state owned lands; and, brief consideration of federal environmental regulation. 

Evaluation of student performance, depending on class size, either will consist of a final examination (including essay questions or a combination of essay and short-answer questions) plus attendance and class participation credit; or, it will consist of several assigned papers plus attendance and class participation credit. 

Textbooks ( * denotes required )

Cases and Materials on Oil and Gas Law *
Lowe, John, Anderson, Owen, Smith, Ernest, Pierce, David, and Kulander, Christopher
West Academic , edition: 7
ISBN: 978-1-68328-832-9


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