I-35 and the Future of Austin: A Workshop

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The I-35 corridor has a documented history of incising economic, racial, and social division into Austin’s landscape. Its physical design incorporates infamously dangerous features that threaten the well-being of drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and cyclists alike. Limited alternative transit options have contributed to adverse traffic conditions along the route, not least, Austin’s segment of the route.

       I-35 has been due for a comprehensive overhaul for decades. Planning for Austin’s portion of that overhaul is now underway. Will it correct for past deficiencies and improve Austin’s physical and social trajectory or will it do more harm than good? Translated into legal terms, that tangled nest of issues is in litigation right now.

      This Workshop is designed to explore understandings of Austin’s I-35 future pathway through the work of several disciplines on campus, through the citizens’ campaign that has formed up around the I-35 overhaul, through current politics, and through law. Further perspectives will be offered through the experiences of other cities’ efforts to grapple with major highway problems—and the scarred landscapes that, like Austin, these cities have had to confront.

       The course will be offered for 1 credit, pass/fail. It will meet for two and a half weeks on Thursdays and Fridays during February. Students, drawn from several academic units on campus, will be expected to participate actively and will give oral reports at the final class. 1L students are encouraged to join the pool of law students and apply.

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