Lucas A. Powe Jr.

  • Anne Green Regents Chair in Law
  • Professor of Government


  • JD University of Washington - Seattle
  • BA Yale

Areas of Specialty

A leading historian of the Supreme Court, Professor Powe clerked for Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas before joining the Texas faculty in 1971. His latest book is The Supreme Court and The American Elite, 1789-2008 (2009). Previously , reflecting a split career as a historian and a First Amendment scholar, especially of the electronic media, his three award-winning books were American Broadcasting and the First Amendment (California 1987), The Fourth Estate and the Constitution (California 1991), and The Warren Court and American Politics (Harvard 2000). Additionally he has co-authored Regulating Broadcast Programming (MIT 1994) and written scores of articles. Powe was also a principal commentator on the 2007 four-part PBS series "The Supreme Court." He is also a Professor of Government and has been a visiting professor at Berkeley, Connecticut, and Georgetown.

Recent Publications

  • Griswold and Its Surroundings: The 1963, ‘64, and ‘65 Terms, 64 American University Law Review 1443 (2015).
  • Two Great Leaders, 57 New York Law School Law Review 465 (2012-2013).
  • Brandenburg: Then and Now [Symposium: Fifth Annual Criminal Law Symposium: Criminal Law and the First Amendment: Is (Should) Brandenburg (Be) Good Law in a Post-9/11 World?], 44 Texas Tech Law Review 69 (2011).

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