Judicial Internship Application

At the bottom of the online application, you must submit a resume and an unofficial copy of your transcript. You may submit a transcript that you have downloaded from the web.

After receiving your materials, Professor Behara, the director/faculty instructor, will contact the court to verify that the judge is expecting you and agrees to participate in the Texas Law judicial internship program. After faculty instructor approves a placement, the student, placement, and faculty instructor will sign a written understanding. After that document is signed, Professor Behara will notify the Student Affairs Office that you have permission to register. The internship must involve the student and the supervising attorney working in person; regular remote work is not permitted. Students and supervisors are expected to work together at their placement offices.

Students may enroll in a judicial internship for academic credit only once during law school. Interns who receive academic credit may not be compensated.

Please feel free to contact Professor Behara (vasu.behara@law.utexas.edu) with any questions.