Appendix to DRS Rules

Appropriate Projects

In compiling rules governing the awarding of credit for Directed Research and Study projects, the curriculum committee envisions the following types of projects to be appropriate for DRS credit:

  1. Independent research and writing culminating in a traditional scholarly paper of which the student is the sole or joint author.
  2. Independent research and writing of graduate level academic rigor culminating in a final law-related project of professional quality.
  3. Assistance with faculty scholarship that requires independent, extensive, and rigorous research and a substantial written product.

Inappropriate Projects

The following types of projects would not be appropriate for DRS credit:

  1. Assistance with faculty scholarship that is essentially bibliographic in nature, or involves relatively ministerial verification skills.
  2. Assistance with work for which a faculty member is receiving outside compensation unless the work relates to a treatise, book, research project, or other project that is of significant scholarly value, and the student’s contribution would otherwise qualify for DRS credit under example 4 above.
  3. Assisting a faculty member in the practice of law.
  4. Any work for which the student is being paid.
  5. Any work that the student has already completed before registering for the DRS credits.
  6. Any work and participation related to an internship.