Blank Seating Charts

You may type roster names directly into the boxes. The numbers in the blocks designate the grid number for placement of photos should you need to utilize that option. If you would like to remove the photo roster numbers from the blocks, please press “Ctrl+A” and hit delete. This will remove all type from the seating chart.

Please be aware that some of these charts in Excel will need to be printed on legal size paper. The formatting will not work if saved as a Word document.

Room 2.114
Room 2.123
Room 2.124
Room 2.137
Room 2.138
Room 2.139
Room 2.140
Room 3.114
Room 3.115
Room 3.124
Room 3.125
Room 3.126
Room 3.127
Room 3.128
Room 3.129
Room 3.140
Room 3.142
Room 5.201
Room 5.202
Room 5.203
Room 5.206/7
Room 5.208
Room 6.201
Room 6.202
Room 6.203
Room 6.206
Room 6.207/8