Registration on a Pass/Fail Basis

In addition to classes offered only on a pass/fail basis, students may elect to take one otherwise graded class pass/fail in their second or third years of law school.  But students who began law school in August 2022 or later must take all advanced courses required for graduation, other than Experiential Learning courses, for a letter grade.

Courses that are available to be taken pass/fail will be announced before registration in the Law Course Schedule.  The student should submit an application to change the grading status of a course after the 12th class day and may not change the grading status in a course after the deadline given in the Law School’s Academic Calendar.  Students may elect to take an otherwise graded course pass/fail only once during their academic career.  Directed Research and Study and courses that are offered only on a pass/fail basis (such as clinics) are not affected by this policy. This policy does not apply to LLM, International Exchange, or visiting students.

A law student who registers for a course on a pass/fail basis and earns a grade of C or better is awarded the symbol CR for the course; if the student receives a grade lower than a C, a grade of F is recorded. If the student receives the symbol CR, the course is not included in the grade point average; if the student receives a grade of F, the course is included in the grade point average.

Coursework requirements and methods of evaluation in a course will be the same for students registered on the pass/fail basis as they are for students registered on the letter-grade basis. Faculty must still assign a letter grade for all students and maintain grading policies (i.e., curve applicability), no matter the grading status of the students enrolled.

A non-law graduate student who enrolls in a law school course offered for a letter grade may register on the credit/no credit basis if permitted to do so by his or her graduate adviser.