Visit Another Law School

A student enrolled in the School of Law may apply to the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs to attend another law school and to transfer credit earned at that school toward a Doctor of Jurisprudence degree. The student must have approval to transfer the credit before attending the other school. Approval of the request is entirely at the Assistant Dean’s discretion. The Assistant Dean will consider the request only (1) if the student seeks to transfer credit from a school that is a member of the American Association of Law Schools and is approved by the American Bar Association; (2) if the student shows good cause for requesting the transfer of credit; and (3) if the Assistant Dean approves the courses for which the student seeks to receive transfer credit.

If you are a third-year student, you must first petition the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs for a waiver to the rule that the last two semesters must be spent in residence, as stated in the Law School Catalog. A waiver may be granted if you have extenuating circumstances. Following approval, you will need to fill out the “Transfer Credit Application” and a form outlining your understanding of further requirements and restrictions.