Conseil d'Etat — Special Part — Extradition

Date Citation Note
29.07.2002 Case Cegedim Competition, remuneration for services rendered by the State
The collection by the State of excessive private royalties in consideration of the communication of public data is an abuse of a dominant position in breach of Article L. 420-2 of the Commercial Code
27.01.1995 R.F.D.A. Sept.-Oct. 1995, 11 (5), 1009 Case Mme Voss Even where a person consents to being extradited to his/her own country, the French Government must still issue an order of extradition.
15.10.1993 G.P., 6-8 Feb. 1994, 25 Case Mme Aylor The Conseil d'Etat thoroughly examines the guarantees given by a State applying for the extradition of its national in order to ensure that he/she would not be sentenced to death if extradited.
15.10.1993 J.C.P.1993, IV, 2643 Case Royaume-Uni de Grande-Bretagne et d’Irlande du Nord et Gouverneur de Hong-Kong For the first time, the Conseil d'Etat considered it had jurisdiction to review a refusal of extradition from the French authorities.