Order a Statue

To order a Barristers Statue, contact ART HALL AWARDS (info below). You will need to include a copy of the individual induction letter or photo of OOB certificate upon ordering.  Please include the following information for engraving:

Line 1: Order Of Barristers
Line 2: Student’s Name
Line 3: School’s Name
Line 4: Date (can be full graduation date, or month and year, or just year)

P.O. Box 81487
Austin, Texas 78708-1487
email:  info@arthallawards.com
site: Order of Barristers Statue (direct link for easy ordering)


$295 (new price as of 11/28/2022; new statue as of 11/2020.  Price includes shipping anywhere in Continental U.S.).
Payments can be made by check (payable to ART HALL AWARDS) or credit card.

The above information is for statue orders only.  If you are a school looking to order certificates for your annual inductees, or an Order of Barristers inductee in need of a replacement certificate, please contact Marla Massin at barristers@law.utexas.edu.