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Texas Hispanic Journal of Law and Policy 2020 Symposium COVID 19: the Ongoing Effects of the Global Pandemic on Latinxs

UT Law's Texas Hispanic Journal of Law and Policy presents COVID 19: the Ongoing Effects of the Global Pandemic on Latinxs. The symposium will cover topics ranging from challenges of working at home from various jobs, changes to our employment landscape, and new health hardships that have arisen as a result of multiple state responses to public health. We will also take a look at how our communities have risen to the challenges through mutual aid organizations, government leadership, assistance from our representatives, and how immigration policy has been affected as a direct consequence of COVID. Join us as we explore these topics and more at the Texas Hispanic Journal's annual symposium!

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TJOGEL Symposium

The Texas Journal of Oil, Gas, and Energy will host the 16th annual TJOGEL Symposium on February 25th and 26th. TJOGEL is the largest student-run publication focusing on energy law scholarship in the United States and the Symposium is our premier event, bringing together legal practitioners from across the state and country to discuss the latest developments in the world of oil, gas, and energy law.

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GRITS - Labor Organizing: From the US South to the Global South

Capitalism in the 21st century is accelerating its power. Employers continue to accumulate capital and exploit vulnerable communities, forcing many to relocate to the Global North. But just as the American workforce grows and diversifies, the US government offers workers little to no protection. In Janus v. AFSCME, The United States Supreme Court ruled in favor of right-to-work laws, which are intended to financially weaken unions. While emplo

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GRITS - Organizing in Law School

The traditional law school experience often feels, at best, an inadequate training for social justice-minded students, and at worst, a toxic environment that favors privilege over equity and reinforces oppressive norms. This panel, Organizing in Law School, will highlight the efforts of some law students and groups, who have resisted this traditional experience, by actively engaging in efforts to organize around urgent issues outside and insid

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