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Tuesday, March 23

11:30am12:30pm2021 Write-On Competition Office Hours
11:45am12:45pmTexas Law Professional Development Institute
12:00pm12:45pmEarly Bar Prep: Skills

Across three sessions, participants will learn how to write an effective bar essay and will practice the skill each week. UBE topical essays are 30 minutes each. In each session, you will be given the law you need to answer the question. We will focus on having a plan and a general template to revert to when writing these time pressured essays. Start practicing this skill NOW and leave more time for substantive learning and memorization in bar pr

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7:00pm8:00pmOUTLaw General Meeting

Wednesday, March 24

12:00pm1:00pmConstitutional Studies Luncheon | M. Paz Avila (Speaker) | Gary Jacobsohn (Discussant)
12:00pm1:00pmA New Era in Immigration? Part 2
4:00pm5:00pmTQ Info Session
6:30pm8:00pmCLS Bible Study
8:00pm9:00pmTLDA's Character and Fitness!

Thursday, March 25

11:30am1:00pmFaculty Colloquium - Lee Kavorsky // UT Law
(This event’s full information is restricted to Texas Law faculty and staff only.) For more information visit
5:30pm6:45pmTexas Environmental Law Journal's Game Night
6:00pm7:00pm1Ls: What Are Judicial Clerkships & Why Clerk?
6:30pm7:30pm21st Century Presidential Power: As the Framers Envisioned?

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