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Texas Law Professional Development Institute

Save the date. More information to follow. The actual time will be 11:50 a.m.-12:50 p.m.

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The President, the People, and Freedom of the Press

Join Professors RonNell Andersen Jones (University of Utah College of Law) and Lyrissa Lidsky (Dean, University of Missouri School of Law) for a lively discussion about how we might approach issues of press freedom at a time of new challenges and significant change to the media landscape, along with a special conversation for law students about joining academia from underrepresented law schools.

Topics to be discussed: - Major defamation cases happening right now and their implications. - How these cases relate to incitement. - The U.S. Supreme Court’s (and other branches of government) vilification of the press (perhaps in the context of Judge Silberman’s recent dissent). - How does/should press partisanship affect how we view these cases and issues. - Issues related to post-truthism and what constitutes “the press.” - ALSO - Breaking Into Academia from the Non-Traditional Law Schools, with the opportunity to answer student questions Moderated by Professor Steven Collis (Texas Law).

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Early Bar Prep: Skills

Across three sessions, participants will learn how to write an effective bar essay and will practice the skill each week. UBE topical essays are 30 minutes each. In each session, you will be given the law you need to answer the question. We will focus on having a plan and a general template to revert to when writing these time pressured essays. Start practicing this skill NOW and leave more time for substantive learning and memorization in bar pr

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Justice Center Student-Alumni Conversation with Anjela Jenkins '11

Join students of the Justice Center advisory board in an informal conversation with Anjela Jenkins ’11, who lives in Switzerland and is Manager of Partnerships for Inclusive Health at the Special Olympics. We’ll explore her eclectic career, how her time in law school informed her career pursuits, and the opportunities and challenges of working outside the U.S.

Anjela has a broad range of experience in and outside the U.S. She has served in traditional lawyering roles, but has also leveraged her legal education and experience in a variety of public interest roles outside the parameters of the traditional “practice of law.” Anjela will share her insight on the diverse career opportunities available to public interest-minded law graduates and what led her to her current work. More about Anjela:

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Women in Energy Panel

ZOOM Meeting

This event is sponsored by the KBH Energy Center and is approved for 1.5 hours of CLE Credit. To RSVP:

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