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12:00pm1:00pmConstitutional Studies Luncheon | Zachary Elkins (Speaker) | Rhonda Evans (Discussant)

Presentation: Language Networks and Constitutional Design

Speaker: Zachary Elkins, The University of Texas at Austin

Discussant: Rhonda Evans, The University of Texas at Austin

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12:00pm1:00pmA New Era in Immigration? Part 3

Join us for the third of a 3-part webinar series on immigration law and policy changes following the inauguration of President Biden.

The Biden administration has committed to end the Remain in Mexico program, which has forced asylum seekers to wait indefinitely for their US asylum proceedings in dangerous conditions in Mexico. Other policies that effectively blockade the border to asylum seekers may also finally be abandoned. In addition, there is a strong push for President Biden to end an immigration system that has seen widespread detention of asylum seekers, families and children, and other migrants, often in facilities run by for-profit prison companies. This panel will explore not only a possible end to exclusionary policies but also a new vision that would emphasize humane processing of asylum seekers arriving at the U.S. southern border. The panelists will consider public health, legal and policy questions that will arise during the transition away from an enforcement-focused approach.

This event is sponsored by the Immigration Clinic, the William Wayne Justice Center for Public Interest Law , and the St. Edward’s University Social Work Program.

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6:30pm8:00pmCLS Bible Study

Join us as we study through Colossians!

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