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11:45am1:00pmThe Complex and Complicated Legal Issues Arising From Mask and Vaccination Mandates and Anti-Mandates

One need not look far to see major public debates and disputes over mask and vaccination mandates and anti-mandates, i.e., statewide bans on such mandates. But what are the relevant legal questions surrounding these mandates and anti-mandates? How should we begin to try to answer these questions? And who gets the last word on those answers? Join a panel of experts from both inside and outside the Texas Law faculty, who will not only lead a wide-ranging discussion of these issues, but who will do their best to answer your questions.

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4:00pm5:15pmTLWCF Fellowship Meeting (Virtual)
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Texas Law Women's Christian Fellowship invites you to join us virtually for our weekly time of Bible study, prayer, and fellowship.

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