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CDO Search Firm Stakeholder Meetings

CCJ 2.310 (Jury Room)

Meetings between the hired search firm and various stakeholders to discuss the search for the new CDO in Alumni Relations and Development

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Careers in National Security: Five Things You Need to Know

SRH 3.122

On Tuesday, August 23, Professors Adam Klein, Steve Slick, Bianca Adair, and Josh Busby will discuss “Careers in National Security: Five Things You Need to Know” with interested students. The team will introduce the Strauss Center and its programs, talk about their career experiences within various roles in the realm of U.S. national security, law, and intelligence, and answer students’ questions in an informal format. They will also discuss how students can be a part of the Strauss Center’s Brumley Fellows program and Cybersecurity Fellows program, which provide unique opportunities for academic growth and professional development for LBJ School students.

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Law Students & Their Significant Others - For 1Ls

Learn about the resources available for law students and their significant others. A Q&A with current 2Ls and 3Ls. Specifically tailored for 1L students.

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