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  1. 12:00pm 2023-02-07T13:00-06:00
    Section 3 Reunion Lunch

    Join section 3 for a reunion lunch!

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  2. 12:00pm 2023-02-07T13:00-06:00
    Finish the 5 Campaign Teach In

    Join Law Student for Black Lives and representative from the Finish the 5 Campaign Coalition to learn more about this campaign to shut down the five youth prisons in Texas.

    Learn more about the campaign in general at

    Lunch will be provided!

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February 8
  1. 8:00am 2023-02-08T09:00-06:00
    Christian Legal Society Bible Study

    Christian Legal Society will be hosting a Bible study and meeting for anyone interested in learning more about the Bible or the faith. We encourage all people who are curious about Christianity or want to grow in their faith to join. This a good opportunity to build community and learn more about the Bible!

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  2. 12:15pm 2023-02-08T13:30-06:00
    Emerging Technologies & Privacy

    On Wednesday, February 8, the Strauss Center hosts Cara Bloom, Senior Cybersecurity and Privacy Scientist at MITRE, for a talk on “Emerging Technologies & Privacy: How Privacy Threat Modeling Can Help Manage Privacy Risks.” This talk will be held at the LBJ School of Public Affairs as part of the Strauss Center’s Brumley Speaker Series.

    In her talk, Cara will discuss how preserving privacy is not only a regulatory requirement, but an ethical obligation, a mission enabler, and a market differentiator. Given this, privacy can still be an ephemeral concept, lacking a solid definition, scope, and practical method for management. She will discuss how it is of particular importance to understand the potential privacy risks of emerging technologies and how they can be difficult to emulate and model, particularly when there are few established privacy norms for the new technology. In her presentation, she will take a risk-oriented view of privacy, discussing the differences between risk management and compliance. She will conclude by looking forward to the emerging field of privacy threat modeling.

    This event is free and open to the public. No RSVP required. Lunch will be served. For more information on this event, contact Brittany Horton at

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February 9
  1. 12:00pm 2023-02-09T13:00-06:00
    Asma Uddin and Emma Green

    Professor, author, and attorney Asma Uddin will discuss what leads people to feel threatened by religious freedom for all and why Muslims in the United States are particularly vulnerable to this phenomenon. Most importantly, she will explore what can be done about it. She will be joined by award-winning journalist Emma Green of The New Yorker, whose writings on religion, politics, and cultural conflicts have won numerous prizes.

    This event will be held at the Texas Union Theater. Lunch will be offered. For more information and to RSVP for lunch, please visit the link. We hope you join us!

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February 10
  1. 6:00pm 2023-02-10T21:00-06:00
    TJCLCR Conference Dinner

    Dinner before annual TJCLCR conference with CHLLSA, THJ, and OUTLaw.

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February 11
  1. 9:00am 2023-02-11T17:30-06:00
    TJCLCR Annual Conference: Here and Queer

    Join the Texas Journal on Civil Liberties & Civil Rights for its annual conference on Feb. 10 - 11, 2023. The Journal's eighteenth conference will explore legal issues impacting LGBTQIA+ communities. Panels include: abortion and transgender rights, banned books, and criminalizing queerness. The conference will also highlight upcoming authors in its spring special issue. This event includes breakfast, lunch and a reception on Feb. 11.

    Texas Law students, faculty, and staff may register for free. Register at

    This course has been approved for Minimum Continuing Legal Education credit by the State Bar of Texas Committee on MCLE in the amount of 3 credit hours, of which 0 credit hours will apply to legal ethics/professional responsibility credit.

    For a full schedule, please visit

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