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12:00pm1:00pmDid the Court Get It Right? Affirmative Action & Students for Fair Admission v Harvard
TNH 2.138 (Blanton Classroom)

Co-sponsored with the University of Texas Athenaeum, this debate will analyze the recent Supreme Court decision in Students for Fair Admission v Harvard and the fate of affirmative action in America. Debating whether the court reached the correct outcome in this case will be Cory Liu and David Hinojosa. Cory Liu, a local Austin attorney, is a member of the Butler Snow litigation team and filed an amicus brief in this decision. David Hinojosa is the Director of the Educational Opportunities Project at the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights and he argued before the Supreme Court in this case on behalf of student-intervenors.

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4:00pmThe Athenaeum presents a Discussion with David Hinojosa ’00
TNH 2.137 (Gayle Classroom)

David Hinojosa ’00 argued UNC’s side of the big affirmative case at the Supreme Court last spring. He’ll discuss his experience with Prof. Farnsworth.

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