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10 September 11
  1. 10:00am 2023-09-11T14:00-05:00
    ALDF Monday Coffee

    Welcome back to school! The Animal Legal Defense Fund Student Chapter at Texas Law would like to invite everyone to our coffee table and share recent animal law updates. This week, we’d like to talk about the “Ending Agricutural Trade Suppression Act,” a bill recently introduced in Congress. The EATS Act poses a grave threat to states’ rights, local government, public health and safety, consumer protection, workers’ rights, environmental protection, and animals. We’d like to also encourage people to sign onto a letter calling members of Congress to oppose the inclusion of the EATS Act in the Farm Bill. Vegan coffee and pastry will be provided.

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  2. 4:00pm 2023-09-11T17:45-05:00
    Reproductive Justice Colloquium Series

    Join us for our first Fall 2023 Rapoport Center Reproductive Justice Colloquium Event, presented by Rachel Rebouche, Dean and the James E. Beasley Professor of Law, Temple University Beasley School of Law. Kari White, Associate Professor at the Steve Hicks School of Social Work, will respond.

    Abstract: Antiabortion activists attempt to stop medication abortion by any means necessary, including through criminalization. They aim to redefine abortion’s location to criminalize abortion travel, information, and supply chain bans, and even to revive the long-unenforced and arguably repealed Comstock Act’s ban on mailing anything that induces an abortion. Some even attempt to target directly those who take abortion pills. This talk considers the reproductive justice implications for some of these efforts, with a focus on the ways in which attempts to punish people who provide or use pills will exacerbate the public health and criminal justice consequences that new abortion bans have wrought, entrenching existing class and race differences. It encourages abortion rights advocates to keep these implications at the fore of their own efforts to increase access to abortion pills through federal and state advocacy, including through FDA regulation, state abortion shield laws that protect cross-border telehealth, and pharmacist prescriptions of abortion pills.

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12 13 September 14
  1. 12:00pm 2023-09-14T13:00-05:00
    Are We All Originalists Now?

    Associate Professor Ilan Wurman and Professor Tara Grove will debate and discuss the validity of originalist interpretation of the Constitution. The debate will provide an overview of one of the preeminent methods of constitutional interpretation, delve into the major objections to it, and provide information to the attendees to determine what method of interpretation is right for them.

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September 15
  1. 11:45am 2023-09-15T13:30-05:00
    Scholarship Luncheon

    The Scholarship Luncheon is an opportunity to gather both scholarship supporters and student recipients of this year's scholarships. By invitation only.

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17 18 19 September 20
  1. 12:00pm 2023-09-20T13:00-05:00
    Originalist Critique of Bruen

    Hear Michael McConnell from Stanford School of Law and Autumn Patterson from the Texas Public Policy Foundation debate the Supreme Court's recent decision in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v Bruen. Did the court get it right? What is the originalist critique of the decision? Come find out!

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  2. 5:00pm 2023-09-20T19:00-05:00
    IPLS & Knobbe Martens Happy Hour

    Attorneys from Knobbe Martens will be hosting a happy hour at Love Supreme Pizza Bar for students who are interested in learning more about their firm and Intellectual Property & Technology Law.

    Knobbe Martens website:

    Link to Love Supreme's website:

    Address: 2805 Manor Rd, Austin, TX 78722

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September 21
  1. 3:45pm 2023-09-21T16:45-05:00
    Generative A.I. by Knobb

    Mauricio Uribe (a Partner at Knobbe Martens) will be giving a presentation about Generative A.I. and its potential uses/misuses.

    Over the past six months, the public availability and widespread use of various generative artificial intelligence (Generative AI) AI solutions, such as Chat GPT Dall-E-2, Co-Pilot, etc., has presented numerous legal, technical and ethical considerations across most every industry and geography region. Given the potential for widespread use, it is important for organizations to understand key issues and best practices surrounding use of Generative AI solutions in developing policies and assessing legal, technical and business strategies related to Generative AI. Specifically, what does it mean when a company’s employees use these powerful tools in their daily work? Come learn how these tools are being used/misused and IP and business risks for using AI-based tools. Using Open AI’s current terms of service as a case study, our discussion will include a review of the availability of trade secret, copyright and patent protection based on outputs generated by Generative AI services and how to formulate workable policies in the workplace.

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