How to Prepare for a Judicial Internship Interview

To best prepare for a judicial internship interview, you should research the specific judge you are interviewing with, the court he/she sits on, and some cases that the judge has authored or been involved with. It is also a good idea to try and speak with someone who has recently interned or clerked for the judge, or on the same court. Remember that not all judges conduct interviews for judicial internships, and some judges will offer internships over the phone. Some judges might also be open to conducting internship interviews over the phone or by Skype, rather than in person.

Interview Preparation Resources

  • Databases such as LexisWestlaw , Bloomberg Law , and Findlaw  are good sources for opinions and articles about and for judges. You can use these resources to find opinions written by a particular judge, get information about the judge, and to research the docket composition of a particular court or judge.
  • Judgepedia and wikipedia have good biographical information about judges, and you can search for courts in a specific geographic location.
  • Judicial Internship Evaluation Notebook : Located in the CSO Library, some evaluations contain contact information for past judicial interns. If you see that a specific judge has had a Texas Law intern recently, and the evaluations don’t contain contact info, contact Sarah Sedgwick at to inquire about contact info.