Career Counseling

We encourage you to establish an on-going working relationship with our career counselors so that we can best assist you with your career objectives.

Scheduling an Appointment via TEX

  1. Log in to TEX – Powered by 12Twenty.
  2. Click the [Appointments] tab.
  3. Select type, date range, and counselor(s) as needed. The broader your parameters, the more potential appointments you may choose from.
  4. Choose a time range underneath the counselor’s name on a day that you would like to schedule. A window will appear detailing the available types and locations of this appointment block.
  5. Click [Book Appointment].
  6. Complete the form, then click [Book Appointment].

You will immediately receive a confirmation email. If you have a scheduled a video appointment, you will receive an additional email with your login to Zoom prior to your appointment.

If you have any questions, please contact the CSO at 512-232-1150 or