Santiago Mesta, Class of '11

Former Student/Alumni

There are plenty of amazing courses to choose from at Texas Law. This will certainly pose a great dilemma to you, especially as an L.L.M. student, during your way-too-short one year Master’s program. That was my situation before applying to the Human Rights Clinic. I was fortunate enough to have been accepted. I have to say that this could not have worked out for the better. Before coming to Texas Law I had already studied and worked on human rights issues for years. However, my experience in the Clinic was outstanding and unique in ways that I could have never expected. One of the projects that I got to work on concerned my home country, Mexico. The Clinic allowed me to take a different approach to familiar issues and, surprisingly, my Clinic work probably ended up having a greater impact than any of my other previous projects.  The timing was crucial in the project’s success, but it was my colleagues’ high level of preparation, commitment and strategy that made it happen. I am very proud to have been a part of the Clinic and of what we accomplished.