Regional: Promoting the Declaration of Principles on Equality in the Americas

After several stages of consultations, a group of human rights and equality experts agreed upon The Declaration of Principles on Equality. The Declaration reflects a moral and professional consensus among these experts. The principles are based on concepts and jurisprudence developed in international, regional and national legal contexts. They are intended to assist the efforts of legislators, the judiciary, civil society organizations and anyone else involved in combating discrimination and promoting equality. They could serve as a compass to orient legislative, judicial and policy efforts towards more progressive equality norms and policies in the 21st century. The Equal Rights Trust (ERT) is seeking the widest possible dissemination of the Declaration and is calling for endorsements from individuals and organizations who want to publicly state their recognition of the Principles set out in the Declaration. The Clinic worked with the ERT to develop a strategic plan to promote the Declaration and seek the endorsement of it in the Americas, particularly targeting the OAS, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, other regional settings such as MERCOSUR, the Latin American Parliament, and the Iberoamerican Federation of Ombudspersons.

The Clinic produced an amicus brief for this case in May 2013.

The full data chart of institutions in the Americas which address discrimination is available at:

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