Housing Clinic student takes landlord to court; motion for continuance

There was an eviction of a thirty-two year old single client and her young daughter from a federally subsidized apartment complex.  This client was served with a notice of lease termination after she pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor assault of a former roommate.  Notwithstanding the guilty plea, the client has a plausible self-defense argument and VAWA stalking defense to the eviction.  The student interviewed the client, reviewed and obtained a copy of the client’s file, requested a meeting with the landlord’s attorney, and represented the client at the negotiations with the landlord’s attorney to attempt resolution of the case.  Resolution failed.
 The landlord’s attorney filed suit.  The student drafted an answer, motion for continuance, and request for discovery, and proposed discovery.  The judge granted the continuance and ordered the landlord to respond to discovery.  The case did not finish prior to the end of the clinic and remains pending in court.

Category: Cases and Projects