Ashley Steele

I work at the Office of Capital and Forensic Writs as a Post-Conviction Attorney on death penalty cases.  Taking the Capital Punishment Clinic in my 2L year in 2012-13 was the best thing I did in law school.  It provided some of the most practical preparation and training in my chosen field that I received at UT.  I had the opportunity to meet with amazing clients; conduct investigation and research on death penalty post-conviction cases; attend court proceedings; assist with briefing in federal court and to the United States Supreme Court; and develop relationships with practitioners that I maintain and value to this day.  Most of the skills I learned in the clinic apply to all serious legal proceedings, so even students who are not set on a career in criminal law should consider applying to the Capital Punishment Clinic to gain excellent clinical experience.  I cannot sing its praises enough!

Category: Perspectives