Challenging Police Misconduct 2023

The Clinic is co-counseling with Rebecca Webber of Webber Law to represent Karen McGee, a woman in her 70s who was arrested at the Austin Bergstrom International Airport after she missed her flight and became disoriented and anxious. She has bilateral hearing loss. The litigation alleges she could not communicate with police officers because her hearing aids were not working and APD and ABIA staff did not communicate with her in a way that she could hear or understand. APD arrested her for criminal trespass and she was incarcerated at Travis County Jail for two nights. The lawsuit further alleges that during her arrest or incarceration, her wrist was broken. The lawsuit brings claims under the Americans with Disabilities Act, Section 1983, and tort claims in federal court in Austin. Students are drafting and responding to motions, engaging in discovery, and conducting legal research.

Category: Cases and Projects