Clinic Contact

Ana McPherson, Clinic Program Coordinator
Phone: (512) 232-1358


Jeana Lungwitz, Director

How we accept cases

The Domestic Violence Clinic accepts cases through requests for assistance from individuals and organizations serving victims of domestic violence. The Clinic provides FREE civil legal assistance to survivors of domestic violence.

  • Is the Domestic Violence Clinic currently accepting cases? No. As of January 2024, the clinic’s waitlist is currently closed for legal services for spring and summer 2024. Please check back in August 2024. In the meantime, see below for other resources.
  • What types of cases does the Domestic Violence Clinic help with? Mostly family law and related matters such as protective orders, divorce, child custody, child support, and personal injury.
  • How do I contact the UT Domestic Violence Clinic? To contact the clinic, call (512) 232-1358 to speak with a law student or clinic staff. The clinic does NOT accept walk-in appointments.
  • When is the Domestic Violence Clinic available? The clinic operates during the school year, from September through early May. The clinic is closed during the summer.
  • Is there a wait list for legal services with the Domestic Violence Clinic? Yes, however the waitlist is currently closed. When the clinic is accepting cases and if your case is within our scope of services, you can apply for our waitlist by completing an intake application over the phone. This is a series of questions which should take 15-20 minutes to complete. You will receive a call back to be notified if your case has been added to the wait list. Being on the wait list does not guarantee that the Clinic will take on your case. It is an opportunity to meet with the attorney, law student, and social worker. The attorney will decide if the clinic can assist with the case after meeting with you.

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