Course Information

Course Description: Domestic Violence Clinic

  • Taught by Jeana L. Lungwitz
  • 6 credits (pass/fail) — offered Fall, Spring
  • FAQS for prospective students
  • The Clinic is open to students who have completed their first two semesters.

The Domestic Violence Clinic provides students with the opportunity to represent people in abusive relationships who are unable to afford private attorneys. The Clinic’s clients often face a variety of problems, both legal and non-legal. The Clinic takes a holistic approach to representation. Therefore, while representing their clients, students assist them with safety planning, avoiding eviction and/or utility cut-offs, obtaining public assistance, and finding housing, jobs, and daycare. The Clinic collaborates with the School of Social Work by having a masters-level social work student intern in the Clinic to assist with cases.

The classroom component meets once a week for two-and-a half hours, and covers a range of issues relevant in civil domestic violence cases: safety planning, comprehensive intake, community resources, case analysis and handling, investigation, negotiation, trial preparation, discovery, and temporary and permanent orders (including protective orders). In addition, students are expected to be in the Clinic for office hours four hours per week, and to bill an average of eleven hours per week on their cases.

Rules require that students be accompanied by a supervising attorney when they go to court. In addition, all pleadings are signed by the supervising attorney.