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  • The Children’s Rights Clinic has been the most rewarding experience of my law school career. Obviously, the clinic provides great educational supports and opportunities to learn practical litigation skills, just like every other clinic. However, there is something professionally and emotionally satisfying about participating in a clinic where you get to meet with and develop […]
  • Being a student attorney in the Children’s Rights Clinic is the most rewarding experience I have had at UT Law. Every day we are able to work with children who need our help and are guided by the most amazing supervising attorneys. I am confident that through my work with the Children’s Rights Clinic, I […]
  • Along with being the most rewarding activity I did in law school, the Children’s Rights Clinic is hands down the most substantive activity as well. Leslie and Lori (along with Judge) allow you the independence to learn on your feet, while still providing the security of their knowledge and support along the way. This was […]
  • Participating in the Children’s Rights Clinic was truly one of the highlights of my time at the law school.  During the two semesters I spent in the Clinic, I interacted with clients on almost a daily basis and advocated for their interests in open court.  For one case in particular, I interviewed expert witnesses and […]
  • Participating in the Children’s Rights Clinic has been the best part of my law school experience. I am learning how the legal system works by managing my cases and building communication skills by speaking before a judge — all in a safe environment where I can ask questions of my supervisor and receive real-time feedback. […]