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  • The Environmental Clinic manages this website in order to compile information and resources related to Texas Environmental Law for current and prospective students and to also offer guides and resources to individuals interested in participating in the environmental permitting, enforcement, and rulemaking processes. Visit the site at https://sites.utexas.edu/texasenvironmentallaw/.
  •   Environmental Clinic students worked alongside the Environmental Integrity Project on a citizen suit in federal court against an East Texas wood pellet manufacturer. The manufacturer violated its air permits and illegally emitted hazardous air pollutants, endangering the community and environment surrounding the plant. Clinic students were integral to the trial team and involved in […]
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    Environmental laws require that the public be given the opportunity to participate in environmental permitting and rulemaking. One of the many barriers Texans face in attempting to engage in environmental advocacy for themselves and their communities is the limited access to information in languages other than English. Clinic students worked with Earthjustice in representing Texas […]
  • A group of adults and students advocate for clean air.
    UT clinic students have worked with students from the Vermont Law School Environmental Justice Clinic, Hastings University, and American University, to catalog state environmental justice laws, regulations, and policies.  The research will soon be made available on an “Environmental Justice:  State by State” website and is intended to be a resource for communities seeking to […]
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    The environmental clinic was my most enjoyable, rewarding experience of law school. Students have the opportunity to assist underserved communities and non-profit organizations to develop legal solutions to environmental issues, including environmental justice. Students also develop contacts and practical legal experience by collaborating with client attorneys on a variety of federal and state environmental legal […]
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    In the Environmental Clinic, I was able to put my interest in environmental justice and community lawyering into practice. In the Clinic, you get the opportunity to work on foundational legal skills–research, writing, analysis, and public speaking. But even more importantly, I learned a lot about how substantive and procedural laws and regulations can be […]
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    The Environmental Clinic provides an opportunity to learn real-life lawyering skills, work on meaningful projects, and meet environmental lawyers across the state. I participated in the clinic as a 2L and again as a 3L, and both semesters I walked away from the experience with new skills and a better understanding of environmental law in […]
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    I thought participating in the Environmental Clinic at UT Law would teach me the basics about the area of law in which I plan to practice, which it did in spades.  But, maybe more importantly, by connecting me with and giving me the chance to work for Texas residents who suffer the ill effects of […]
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    My time in the Environmental Clinic was characterized by an incredible diversity of experience. Projects ranged from community presentations of direct factual research to memos dealing with purely legal theories of environmental standing. Regardless of your ultimate career path, the Environmental Clinic will provide you with invaluable practical experience that makes a real difference in the […]