Tag: Juvenile Justice Clinic

  • The clinics at UT Law were easily the best and most instructive part of my law school curriculum. I learned about different types of law and then put that knowledge into action by meeting with actual clients and representing those clients in court. The Juvenile Justice Clinic, in particular, cemented for me my desire to […]
  • The Juvenile Justice Clinic was a great experience for me!  It taught me the practical skills of interacting with clients, coming up with legal arguments, and presenting those legal arguments in court.  If you are interested in litigation, I highly recommend taking this clinic.
  • The Juvenile Justice Clinic taught me the crucial importance of patience and persistence as an advocate.  While at times it was frustrating to work with clients as they continued to make mistakes, it was worth the effort when I won a child the right to remain at home with his family and in his community.  Learning to […]
  • The study of law and the practice of law are very different, and I think that the Juvenile Justice Clinic was one of my most valuable experiences in law school specifically because it facilitates the transition from the study to the practice of law.  At the start of the Clinic, it was unclear what to […]
  • During the Spring of 1996, I handled cases for several kids in the Juvenile Justice Clinic. Every one told me what plea / sentence they would accept, except the one who went to trial.  He kept saying “I didn’t do it” and the witnesses that I interviewed supported him.  It was incredible to take that […]