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February 19, 2016

TNH 2.114 (Francis Auditorium)
TNH 2.111 (Sheffield-Massey Room)
TNH 2.100 (Susman Godfrey Atrium)
8:30am - 1:45pm

Workers' Rights in the 21st Century: New Developments / New Challenges


This conference examines fundamental changes evolving in contemporary employment relationships. One of the pivotal legal, social, and economic evolutions of the 20th century was the advent of modern labor and employment laws that replaced the 19th century preeminence of individual “freedom of contract” and individual responsibility for wages and labor conditions. Now, however, the existing regime for ensuring workplace fairness is being fundamentally challenged by new technologies, and by shifting political attitudes about social and economic regulation.

This conference will explore the next generation of employment law issues, including changing concepts and enforcement challenges related to the very definition of an “employment” relationship; realignments in the enforcement role of courts versus private arbitration; the evolving employment rights of LGBT workers, immigrants, and guest workers; and navigating new procedural hurdles to enforcement of workplace rights.