Tag: Nonprofit Internship

  • Sofia Meissner
    I definitely recommend taking the nonprofit internship class. I gained a lot of practical skills and knowledge through my work at the Texas Civil Rights Project. I also enjoyed learning about my classmates’ experiences working at a range of local nonprofits. The class discussion component helped me think more about the work I want to […]
  • My internship at the Texas Civil Rights Project was a valuable opportunity to get truly involved in litigation strategy. In more than one of the cases I worked on, I not only did legal research and drafting, but got involved in planning, negotiation strategy, and client interaction. Because of the litigation experience I gained in […]
  • The nonprofit internship class not only helped me get the best experience possible from my internship, it also pushed me to think about the type of lawyer I want to be and the role my legal career will play in my life as a whole. I highly recommend this course to all students who want […]