Course Information

Course Description: U.S. Army JAG Corps Internship

  • Taught by Susan Klein and Captain Andrew Lane
  • 2 credits (pass/fail) per semester
  • Students are encouraged to commit to both fall and spring semesters, but one semester applications will also be considered.
  • Students should expect to spend one day per week at Fort Cavazos Legal Services in Killeen, TX.
  • Students must intern in person at their placement; only incidental remote work is permitted.
  • This program is open to students who have completed their first two semesters.

This program offers students internship positions with the United States Army Trial Defense Service, Fort Cavazos Field Office. Students earn two-credits (pass/fail) per semester. While this program is not available during either summer session, students are welcome to apply for summer positions directly with that office. Students may apply for a single semester, or for the full year (both fall and spring).

Students will assist defense counsels and paralegals in administrative separations and criminal proceedings pursuant to the Uniform Code of Military Justice. The Fort Cavazos Legal office is the largest and busiest office in the Army. Attorneys there have federal felony jury trials monthly, similar to those seen in a Federal District Court but often with crimes and facts unique to the military. Army JAG officers regularly change jobs, working as prosecutors, magistrate judges, defense attorneys, national security attorneys, and trial/appellate judges. This creates a level of collegiality and rapport not seen in criminal justice practice elsewhere.

Applicants may benefit from upper-level criminal law courses such as Adv. Fed. Crim. Prosecution & Defense, Federal Criminal Law, White-Collar Crime, National Security Law, Cybersecurity Law, Criminal Procedure, and Evidence. None of those courses are required.

The internship component requires a commitment to work 10 hours per week, though not all hours must be completed at the office. Students should expect to spend one day per week at Fort Cavazos Trial Defense Service, 330 761st Tank Battalion Ave, Fort Cavazos, Tx 76544, working in the office or in court. Fort Cavazos is located about halfway between Austin and Waco, a bit over an hour’s drive from the law school or about 50 minutes from Georgetown.

The application deadline for the fall 2024 term or the full academic year is April 8, 2024.

The application deadline for the spring 2025 term is October 7, 2024. Students should know whether they are accepted before early registration on October 21, and will definitely know before regular registration on November 4, 2024.

To apply, please email a copy of your cover letter, resume and transcript (unofficial is fine) to Prof. Klein at and Captain Andrew Lane at

Students interested in the externship are encouraged to stop by Prof. Klein’s office at TNH 3.207 during her office hours, Wednesdays from 4:00 to 5:30 pm. You may call or text her at (512) 203-2257 or send her an email at the above address. Alternatively, you may call Captain Lane at (770) 597-6542 or send him an email at the above address. You can reach the Fort Cavazos Trial Defense office at (254) 287-0476.

Additional information about the U.S. Army Trial Defense Service, is available at: Trial Defense Service Public (