Academic Advising

The University provides information and academic advice to students to assist them in making proper academic decisions. The dean of each college or school is responsible for providing an effective system of information dissemination and advising that is appropriate to the academic programs of that college or school. Each unit seeks to provide the most current and accurate information and advice possible. The student is responsible for seeking advice, for knowing and meeting the requirements of the degree program of interest, for enrolling in courses appropriate to that degree program, and for taking courses in the proper sequence to ensure orderly and timely progress toward the degree.

Christopher Sokol, the Assistant Director of Student Affairs, is available to all law students for counseling regarding course selection and all other academic advising concerns. Additional counseling is available from the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, Elizabeth Bangs, and Assistant Director Hong Escobar.

Each semester, the law school issues detailed course descriptions and offers academic advice.

Transfer Student Advising Materials:
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