Bar Preparation

Summer Bar Preparation 2018

Texas Law Summer Bar Prep-Overview

UCC July 2017

Wills July 2015

Wills #2 July 2015

Oil & Gas July 2015

Family Law#1 July 2015

Family Law#2 July 2015

Partnership February 2016

Corporations July 2015

MPT Practice:

In re Hammond

Jackson v. Franklin Sports Gazette

Track your progress with MBE Questions; use the MBE Tracking Sheet to spot trends in your answers.

Are you spotting the right issues and using enough facts? Essay answers depend on your identification of the correct issues and your use of the facts to explain how the law would apply in the given situation. Self-critique on issue spotting and fact use is one of the best ways to increase your ability to perform these critical skills. Use the Bar Essay Comparison Chart to track your progress.

Early Bar Preparation 2018

 Should I file the…

Declaration of Intention to Study Law? Yes, if you will apply for TX licensure and currently attend an ABA-approved TX law school and plan to graduate from one.

In-State Application to Take the Texas Bar Exam? Yes, if you have or will have graduated from an ABA-approved TX law school, are unlicensed in any jurisdiction and previously filed your Declaration.

Planning to practice someplace else?

Students sitting for the bar in New York State must satisfy the Skills Competency and Professional Values requirement.

Information about other states’ bar exams is collected here.