Disability Accommodations

Texas Law is committed to the full inclusion of students with disabilities in the law school community. In partnership with the University of Texas at Austin Services for Students with Disabilities Office (SSD), the Student Affairs Office (SAO) coordinates all disability accommodations at the law school.

Visit the SSD website for the application process. Upon documentation review, SSD will issue a letter detailing the approved accommodations. After SSD approves accommodations, the SAO works with students to implement their accommodations in the law school. Students must request an accommodation letter to be delivered to Ms. Hong Tran Escobar via SSD’s Web Portal each semester in order to coordinate accommodations. Upon receipt of the letter, Ms. Escobar will email students to verify receipt and to request a meeting if classroom accommodations are needed OR if it is the student’s first accommodation request. Students receiving exam accommodations only who have received accommodations in prior semesters may meet with Ms. Escobar to discuss exam accommodations, but it is not required. Students are encouraged to request letters for Ms. Escobar before September 15 (Fall semester) or February 15 (Spring semester) in order to facilitate accommodation planning. Students should not approach professors about disability accommodations; all students must meet with Ms. Escobar to coordinate.

Accommodations are implemented to the extent they are reasonable and do not alter the essential requirements of the course/program of study. If SSD authorizes students to audio record class, recording may be done by the student or the law school; faculty members have discretion as to who will record. No recording may be done without the express permission of the faculty member. Recordings may not be uploaded to the internet or otherwise shared, transmitted, or published. Some faculty members may not permit recordings of their classes.  In those cases, the SAO will arrange an alternative reasonable accommodation.

If a student experiences difficulty in obtaining accommodations, the student should review SSD’s grievance procedure information.

Students with questions regarding these policies are welcome to meet with Dean Bangs and/or Hong Tran Escobar to discuss.